The Ukrainian science department


Viktoriia Tsyhanenko

Viktoriia Tsyhanenko
Завідувач кафедри українознавства, кандидат філологічних наук, доцент

Education and Career

In 2002 she graduated from philological faculty of Kharkov National University named after V.N. Karazin on specialty “The Ukrainian Language and literature”.

In 2003 – senior laboratory assistant with higher education of The Department of Ukrainian Studies.

2005 –assistant of The Department of Ukrainian Studies.

In 2012 she defended the thesis for scientific degree candidate of philological science on specialty 10.00.01 – the Ukrainian literature.

In 2012 – senior lecture of The Department of Ukrainian Studies.

In 2012 the scientific degree of assistant professor of Ukrainian science department was given.

2017 to present is the head of the Ukrainian Science department.

Educational activity

She teaches subjects “Ukrainian professional language“,  Specifics of the Ukrainian scientific language”.

Researcher activity

The sphere of the scientific interests is the Ukrainian literature of the XVII century.

She takes part in international scientific conferences and publishes the reports in scientific collected articles.

She manages scientific-investigation work of students with theses writing and further publication.

Publications and patents

She has over 30 scientific and methodological publications.