The Ukrainian science department



“Language clubs NURE” invite you to trainings

Rhetoric Trainings:

– “Speak confidently!” – the basis of oratory, preparation and proclamation of public speeches;

– “Present your project!” – how to build a presentation of your idea to become a winner;

– “Argument it!” – the rules of linguistic argumentation; ability to argue their opinion, idea, position;

– “Master of Communication” – subtleties of communication. Verbal and nonverbal, tricks and techniques of influence on interlocutors.

– “Conflict behind the door” – the ability to see the conflict, find out its role in it, get out of a conflict situation; conflict management.

Trainings for scientists:

– “Design of scientific research” – peculiarities of technical design of theses, applications, list of literature, abstract.

– “Scientific performance” – presentation of scientific developments, protection of scientific works, speeches at scientific conferences.

– “Scientific debate” – the ability to withstand various issues, the emergence of complex speech situations.