The Ukrainian science department


Language clubs

“Language clubs NURE” conduct training in the Ukrainian language. The series of courses is designed for different levels of listeners training and for different needs. A series of rhetoric training will teach you to speak to any public, and trainings for scientists will prepare you for the protection of scientific works. The best teachers, the latest technology training, small groups, where the teacher pays the most attention to you; the possibility of distance learning – all this and much more are offered to you Language Clubs NURE. The schedule of classes is agreed individually.

The author’s free express course “Explore the Ukrainian language!”, Developed by Viktoriya Tsyganenko and Alla Sergieva, designed for those who want to start speaking in Ukrainian, wants to overcome the language barrier and find a circle of like-minded people. For further study you can choose a course for your taste among the paid:

  • “Ukrainian language from the first steps” – the course focuses on those who have never studied Ukrainian language;
  • “Ukrainian conversational” – a course for listeners who want to improve their language skills;
  • “Modern Ukrainian Literary Language” – in-depth study of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, phraseology, syntax of the Ukrainian language;
  • “Business Ukrainian language” – the course contains the main grammatical and syntactical aspects, elements of documentation and focused on civil servants.