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Stylistics of the scientific text

The academic discipline “Stylistics of the scientific text” involves studying the system of stylistic means of the modern Ukrainian language, defining their features and functions in a scientific style; the formation of skills for the selection of the necessary linguistic resources depending on the genre and the purpose of the scientific text.
After studying the discipline, the students will know:

• forms and genres of scientific broadcasting;

• features of stylistic design of scientific text;

• linguistic means of expressing scientific thought.

be able:

• fluent in language skills of stylistics in order to create scientific texts;

• use the acquired knowledge in professional speech correctly;

• edit, interpret scientific and technical professional texts;

• Stylistically correct the texts of any style;

• It is appropriate to use the terms of his specialty in scientific works.

Stylistics of the scientific text

Bryansky M. Portrait of Y. Daragan (1860)