The Ukrainian science department


History of Ukrainian culture in the context of the world

Discipline volume 3 ECT credits, lectures 18 hours, seminars 12:00, test control form


Within the discipline, attention is paid to the original culture, the culture of ancient civilizations and the ancient era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the New Age, the Enlightenment, modern world culture and their influence on the Ukrainian culture of various historical periods.

The purpose of mastering the discipline in the context of training specialists of a certain educational program is to familiarize students with the peculiarities of world culture and its influence on Ukrainian culture.

The list of competencies that a student acquires after mastering this educational program is to acquire knowledge on the history of Ukrainian and world culture.

The sphere of realization of the acquired competencies in the future profession affects the expansion of the horizons and worldview of the future specialist, deepening his meaningful guidelines, will directly affect any narrow profile of professional activity.

The discipline has a direct connection with other humanitarian disciplines, as well as with technical and narrowly professional disciplines that are taught in higher education institutions.

Language: Ukrainian

Lecturer: Associate Professor Kovalenko E. A.