The Ukrainian science department


History of Ukrainian statesystem

According to the results of studying the discipline, students should be able to:

  • master modern methods of scientific approach to historical knowledge;
  • analyze the causal relationships of historical processes, phenomena, events and facts;
  • apply theoretical knowledge in the assessment of processes, phenomena, events and personalities of the past and present;
  • discuss socio-historical topics; to form the civil position; determine the chronological sequence of historical events;
  • to use the categorical-conceptual apparatus of historical science;
  • work independently with the literature and sources, as well as apply methods of critical analysis when working with it.


  • to form a comprehensively developed, patriotic person with an active civil position;
  • be aware of the values ​​of civil society;
  • knowledge of the historical development of the statehood of the peoples of Ukraine, the peculiarities of its national law;
  • ability to determine the contribution of national values ​​to universal;
  • to form independent, creative, cognitive skills of approach to the historical past and present.

Consciously perform civic duties; to know the preconditions of the historical development of the state and to respect democratic values.

Lecturer: Badeeva LI, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ukrainian Studies