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Media text in the Internet space

Аs a result of studying the discipline “Media text in the Internet space”
the student must know:
• The role of the media in human life,
• Be aware of the positive and negative impact of media products on society, on the formation of collective views
• Features of creating Internet texts.

The student must be able to:
• fluent in language tools for creating media texts;
• competently use special vocabulary, speech formulas;
change and set the tone of communication in the Internet space;
• analyze the behavior of the interlocutor and, depending on the situation, build strategies to influence the text on the mind of the reader;
• create a situation of friendly conversation, level the negative manifestations of the interlocutor;
• detect verbal attacks and be able to resist aggression in communication / / create conflict situations and be able to manage them;
• create Internet texts of various plans.

The applicant receives a final rating that is the sum of the points of the current control (evaluation oral and written answers in practical classes), independent work and final control work.

Lecturer: senior lecturer of the Department of Ukrainian Studies Serhiieva A.V.

Media text in the Internet space