The Ukrainian science department


Verbal image of IT-technology specialist

The problem of language – communication skills and habits of the future IT-technology specialists has now special meaning as it is verbal image plays a very important part of common image of a businessman. Verbal image is formed only through oral and written speech. Modern condition makes ability to compete modern IT-technology specialist on work market depends on competence speech (oral and written), his ability to intercourse with various categories of persons (leader, colleagues, business partners and clients), his knowledge of methods of speech influence and belief.

The aim of the discipline is to widen basic speech knowledge and forming skills for making proper verbal image NURE graduating student.

After studying the discipline the future IT-technology specialists will be able:

  • Use terminology of future specialty.
  • Make official documents necessary for their professional activities (applications, agreement, contracts, official letter etc.).
  • Deliver speech on professional themes.
  • Make effective intercourse in various situations (interview with the aim to find work, business conversation with leader, talking about problems with colleagues, clients, official telephone talk on professional theme).
  • Organize and conduct presentations, business meeting making agreements with business partner.
  • Take part in discussions.
  • Work with professional dictionaries and reference literature for personal verbal image standard.